Full Price Sin

When you peruse the isles at AC, our local grocery store, you’re on the look out for a good deal.  Groceries here are…let’s just say…pricey.

A gallon of milk goes for $8.  A box of 150 diapers is $60.  A jar of spaghetti sauce runs about $7.  An 18 pack of eggs, $5.89.

And um, yeah, I just laid down $22 for a personal-sized watermelon.  That’s probably the last watermelon I will buy in Bethel.  Thank you Jesus it’s one of the best tasting watermelons I have ever laid my mouth on 🙂  {Does it taste so good because it cost so much?  I’ll never know.}

Last October, I packed up my trusty friend fear and brought him hand-in-hand with me to Alaska.  But I brought another pal too, doubt.  Ugh.  Do you ever stop carrying unwanted friends around with you?  The friends that suck the Jesus-came-to-give-life-abundantly out of you?

This doubt, in particular, specializes in doubting God’s provision.  You see, I’ve come a long way.  For a year and a half, our expenses far exceeded our income.  It wasn’t because we were bad stewards.  We cut everything we could.  God had called us to a life change which included learning to trust his provision for everything.  After a while I stopped counting how many times we ran out of money.  But I’m here as living proof that God does provide.

So why am I learning this lesson again?

These 1/2 price stickers are my downfall.  When I see ’em, it’s as if there’s a gravitational vortex, right out of Star Wars movie or something, drawing me to them.  These beauties make groceries more reasonable.  Naturally, I have to buy anything they are attached to.  But there’s a catch.  I’m not supposed to grab ’em.  And I’ve known that for quite a while.  The Holy Spirit has made it quite clear.  I, on the other hand, have made it quite clear that I won’t be obeying him.

Then last week, as I carried out two 18 count eggs with those orange stickers, I paused long enough to ponder His prompting.  You know what He said?

“Kristin, you don’t trust me to provide money for the eggs when they are full price.”



Are you sure that’s the reason?

But it was.  It so was.  I have been living as if the God who provided for us for 18 months, wouldn’t be able to handle a grocery budget that is four times the amount I spent in San Antonio.

The same God who created the sea and told it, “You may only come this far,” is the same God who created me and loves me.  He will provide for me, full price eggs and all.  He even provided for my full price sin.

I allowed these stickers to suck me into sin.  They seemed so innocent, even helpful.  But I was deceived.   Is there an area of your life in which you are deceived, too?  Will you lay it before God?

Father, open ours eyes to view our sin as you see it.  Thank you for your grace, lovingly pointing out how to be holy as you are holy.




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