War Zone

I’m at war in my house.

Against insects.  Fruit flies and mosquitoes to be exact.

I have issues with a few things in our rental.  One of which is the insects.  Several screens don’t work and even more problematic are the gaps between the windows and doors, through which you can see the outside.  Through these portals come the bugs.

There was this one time a couple years ago I came home to a swarm of about 50 flies in my dinning room and kitchen.  I was so grossed out that I begged my husband to take us out for dinner.  I just couldn’t make myself cook in that mess.

I’m at such a war with the bugs that I actually seek ways to destroy and annihilate them, stopping whatever I’m doing to try and take one out.  M even knows my quest.  As I dash toward a flying speck of black that has just caught my eye, hoping to catch it between my clapping hands, M shouts out excitedly while giggling, “Did you kill the bug Mom?  Did you get it?  I want to see it!”

Meanwhile, in my prayer life I have sensed the need to up my ante, taking the battlefield so I can stand firm in the Lord and in His mighty power through prayer.

For every opportunity I have sought to kill my insect enemies, I have not sought to disarm my spiritual enemy with same enthusiasm nor have I sought out places in which my spiritual foe has infiltrated my home.

I’m actually timid and fearful, actively trying to avoid God’s call to prayer.  Which means I’m living in direct contrast to 2 Timothy 1:7

2 tim 1.7

This past week I’ve sensed a burden to pray, specifically for my husband.  I did everything I knew to do, pray specifically, pray scripture over him, search for new scripture to pray over him, pray in my head, pray out loud, write my prayers down in a journal.  Despite this, my burden to pray would not lift and I became frustrated instead.

During day two of my prayer quest, the Holy Spirit led me to walk the house, praying scripture over my hubby in each room.  As I did, the burden began to lift.

But I was am still scared of the enemy lurking in my house.  I know I shouldn’t be.  I know my scripture.  I know what the Word says.  I have victory over Satan through Christ.

So why am I still afraid of the evil one?  Why am I so fearful?  So timid?

A couple Saturdays ago I had the awesome privilege to attend the Priscilla Shirer Simulcast.  One of the things she mentioned is that our enemy will do whatever it takes to destroy and ruin the one weapon we can use against him: prayer.

Thus, my fear and desire to do anything but pray.  Satan, along with this problem called sin, make a great team, pulling me away from any desire to pray.  Making me fearful even.

But I’m learning; the more I pray over my family by walking my house, the more my fear subsides.  I’m learning too that I need to take as many opportunities to fight my spiritual adversary as I seek to fight my pesky house guests.  I need to refuse to raise the white flag of surrender, battling my foe on my knees.

So I’m taking it one day at a time.

One bug,

one prayer,

one less ounce of fear at a time.

What about you, how is the enemy paralyzing your faith walk?  Where is he infiltrating your base camp and immobilizing you?  Are you willing to fight back?

p.s. I totally killed a bee in my kitchen about an hour ago…



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