National Animal Cracker Day


Have you ever noticed that Facebook has become the way to be in the know?

Maybe I’m just not good at being on the up and up.  I don’t really like watching the news.  Local news has nothing noteworthy because it’s full of news that’s such a downer.  National news.  Well, it’s an election year.  Need I say more?

Thank you Facebook, for being my unbiased news source 😉

But seriously,  I do learn about things I wouldn’t otherwise.  For instance, last Monday was National Siblings Day.  It was also National Barber Shop Quartet Day…on the same day.  There’s actually a National _____ (fill in the blank) Day for everyday of the year.  Want to know more?  Check it out here.

Here’s what’s funny: while watching the news the other day…ok, I know I said I never watch it, but I was at my Aunt’s, and she was watching the news.  So, while she was watching the news, a special food segment came on that was dedicated to grilled cheese sandwiches in light of National Grilled Cheese Day.

Did I mention last Wednesday was National Lima Bean Day?  Today is National Animal Crackers Day.  Do frosted animal crackers count?  Yum.

While you could go a little crazy celebrating all the national days, it got me thinking.  Why not celebrate them?

There are so many things that can bring us down.  God knew this would be in our nature, to focus on that which is not true, not right, not noble, not pure, not lovely, not excellent, nor praiseworthy.  He knew it so well he even planned celebrations into the Jewish calendar.

There’s something about celebrating which forces you to focus on the good.  As you celebrate, you stop concentrating on the bad by default.

In our early marriage, the hubster and I would find little things to celebrate on a regular basis.  Now, I am not a big drinker, but I do like mimosas.  We’d pick up a bottle of champagne and some oj and make a toast to finishing finals or some other cool example that I can’t seem to think of no matter how hard I try 😉

I’m determined to celebrate things again.  Even if it’s something silly like the kids are in bed and I’ve got a couple minutes to sit OR I just finished a new workout! (I start a new workout regimen this week and I haven’t worked out this hard since college, a mere 14 years ago. Ok, let’s be totally honest, I don’t think I’ve ever worked out as hard as this lady is going to make me for a continued period of time ever.  We’re talking 5 weeks here.  I’m afraid of the extent to which it is going to kick my tail!)

milk.jpgToday, I encourage you to eat an animal cracker and make a toast.  Toast to anything big or small, no matter how trifle.  Maybe you made it out of the house wearing matching shoes today or maybe you encouraged an entire 5th grade class to believe in themselves to pass the upcoming STAAR test.  You can even use milk if you’d like; it goes rather well with animal crackers!  Tell me what you decide to celebrate in the comments below!


Animal cracker photo by Steven Depolo.  See license here.


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