Painted Pinkies

This may seem less than holy, but since everything is God’s, it’s still worth praising him for it right?


Love these toes right now, my Pic Of Praise for the week.  It’s the first time I’ve painted my toes since…


the day before Thanksgiving!

I’ve been walking around, my toes with more natural buff than actual paint, for the better part of 3 months now.  Why do I feel like I’m admitting guilt here?  Does this go back to having to always be prettier than everyone else?  Having to have it all together, more so than anyone else?

Well, based on my last post, Every Woman’s Secret Battle, I’m ending that pretense.  I’m crying out to the world that yes, I had less than worthy toenails for quite some time.  And no, I’m not less than worthy for it!  Sounds silly, but that’s an important step for me 🙂  I even have a chip on one of my toes, but I refuse to fix it to take a picture.  Why do I need to always present perfection for you?

Here’s to freshly painted toenails and the freedom to enjoy them without the pressure to look perfect for the world!  Love to all my ladies out there.  Be yourself, as God created you to be, without the burden of worrying what others think of you.

Take a picture of your nails, or some other way you are living in new found freedom.  Freedom that you no longer have to compete against other women to find your worth.  I’d loooove to see them!  Post them below and on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #PicsOfPraise.  Happy picture taking!

What’s a Pic of Praise?  In my mission to continually ponder praiseworthy things, I’ve decided to keep a picture log of God-worthy moments.  Since God is worthy of all my time, it causes me to look at everyday things, hard things, easy things…all as gifts from Him.


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