How to Find Hope While You Wait

While You Were Waiting Part 4.  To read the series from the beginning, click here.

God caught my eye the other day.

Does He ever do that to you?

I was reading through Psalm 25 and I came across this beauty:

No one who hopes in you
    will ever be put to shame (Psalm 25:3)

I immediately gravitated to it because I need this verse.  Need it to keep me breathing some days.  You see, one of my fears has been that my family will look like fools for following him.

Have I told you why?  Well, in the spirit of uprooting my Keep Out sign, here it goes.

Last fall, upon God’s prompting, we became a one income family.  I left the teaching world to be a stay-at-home mom to our son and soon to be born daughter.

It may seem like nothing to an outsider, but this nothing has been something to us.  It has been a big something because each month we are relying on God’s provision in well, let’s just say, really big ways.  Because of this, I’ve been afraid of what others will think of us.  Afraid they will call us fools.  Afraid they will look at us and ask, “Did God really say that?”  Afraid we are in such a precarious position that God may not come through for us and that we did hear Him wrong after all.

To sum it all up, I’m afraid we will be put to shame.

Thus, I’ve been sticking to this verse like crazy, holding on for dear life in our waiting room and asking for forgiveness as I doubt Him once again.  As I’ve been writing my Waiting Room Series and holding on to this with a death grip, God has opened my eyes to something pretty extraordinary.

I realized that Hoping and Waiting were not too dissimilar.  Check it out:

Waiting: to look forward with expectation

Hoping: to desire with anticipation

Is it just me, or do those definitions seem awfully similar?  Go back and read them again.  Seriously.  If it’s true they are closely related, it also means theses words are interchangeable to some extent.

Humor me for a moment.  Switch the word waiting in waiting room, for hoping.  What do you get?

Hoping Room

You get a Hoping Room.

Wow.  There’s a peace about that.  I even inhaled and exhaled deeply just now rereading it.

I’d much rather sit in a hoping room than a waiting room.  What about you?  I’d rather hope for something all day long than wait for it.  There’s a different connotation with waiting; it’s usually a negative one.  I don’t look forward to waiting for things.  But hoping?  That’s another story.

Today, I leave you with this final thought:

You now are sitting in God’s Hoping Room instead of His Waiting Room.  

Everything that God does is good.  Everything.  Yes, even that thing.  Which means His Waiting Room is really for your benefit.  Wouldn’t you rather look at this time as sitting in His Hoping Room?

Nothing else has changed about your Hoping Room.  Except your perspective.  And that’s everything.

Screenshot 2016-03-04 15.01.23 copy

…or No one who waits on you will ever be put to shame.

Where is your hope today?  Are you willing to trust God again, to place your hope in Him again?

Father help us to change our perspective, to see this time in the Hoping Room as a gift from you.

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