Darkness Cannot Hide the Light

If you were to go through my photos, you’d see my recent obsession with light, particularly the sun.

There’s something so majestic about catching rays of sunlight with a lens.  It’s as if the rays are glimpses of God himself.  Something you so desperately want to grab hold of, but something so holy they’re beyond your reach.


Maybe I can’t capture the sun because I don’t have a fancy-dancy camera. Let’s be honest, the majority of the time I don’t even use my real camera.  But, even with a great camera, the awe and wow factor of God’s creation is ever elusive the moment you press that button.

Despite this, I still try my best to do light justice.  I especially loooove capturing light against shadows.  There’s something about the high contrast.  Maybe it’s the inner art/design major coming out in me 😉  Maybe it’s a reflection of my deep need for The Light to shine into my darkness.

We need light in the physical world but oh how we need it in the spiritual world. Darkness, no matter how great, cannot keep light from shining.  Our sin, no matter how great, cannot keep The Light from shining either.

Screenshot 2016-03-07 13.41.52 copy

In Luke 23 the sun refrains from shining for 3 hours leading up to Jesus’ death.  I’d like to think that even the sun was unable to look at what the Son was doing, taking on the sin of the world as a perfect sacrifice.  But there’s good news;

Jesus overcame sin by his death.

Jesus overcame the grave by his resurrection.

Jesus, the light of the world, overcame the weight of the world’s spiritual darkness.  He became the light for us when we could not do it ourselves.

Light always overcomes darkness.

I’d like to think the sun’s beauty evades capture because, like it’s creator, it’s too beautiful.  Too beautiful for our human capacity, our finite comprehension.


Here’s to catching glimpses of the light, whether it be the sun or the Son, my #PicsOfPraise for the week.

What’s a Pic of Praise?  In my mission to continually ponder praiseworthy things, I’ve decided to keep a picture log of God-worthy moments.  Since God is worthy of all my time, it causes me to look at everyday things, hard things, easy things…all as gifts from Him.

Would you join me and do the same?  Post your pic of how you’ve seen glimpses of the light in the comments below and under #PicsOfPraise on Twitter and Instagram.


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