Because It’s Too Important Not To

This year voting became a family affair.

As we stood in line I tried to explain to my two-year-old son where we were and what we were doing.  I wanted him to grasp the importance of that moment.  I also wanted him be able to stand in line and explain the voting process to his kids someday.  Walking him through the process of meeting candidates outside the polling area to the voting booth itself made me realize, like never before, what a privilege it was to vote.

We get to vote in America.

I know that’s not news to you.  It might even be disgusting to you.  After all, it seems as if your vote doesn’t matter.

Yet, it’s still true.  We get to vote.

Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, recently tweeted about a tragic government decision in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Last week, the city council voted in favor of an ordinance which allows people to use any public restroom, regardless of their biological sex.  This same ordinance was defeated last year. Charlotte’s mayor, however, allowed the ordinance back on the table for voting and look what happened.  Interestingly enough, less than 10% of voters turned out for the last mayoral election.

Ouch, only 10%.  Could this travesty been prevented if more people would have voted?

It is time for Christians in America to take a stand.  We need to raise our voice and vote.  Do your duty my friends.  There is too much on the line.

“Christians must get involved in the political process by running for office and by voting.” ~Franklin Graham

At one point in history, our country wasn’t so far off the mark.  But, like the law of entropy, American has gone from order to disorder.  Our government started in order, more aligned with God, but it has slowly wound up in a state of absolute disorder.

So how do we fix this?  On our knees and at the polls friends.  Our country is losing ground because our knees are no longer hitting the ground.

I want to challenge you today to do two things.

  1. If you have not voted yet for the primary elections in your state, do so.  Educate yourself on the candidates and cast your vote.  Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, and it will have lasting impressions on America, for good or for bad.
  2. Pray for America.  Ask God to place godly men and women in all levels of government.

20160228_141310.jpgGetting to vote is a privilege of which I am grateful.  My I Voted stickers are my pic of praise for the week.  Take a picture of yourself after you vote and post it below, on Twitter, and on Instagram with the hashtag #PicsOfPraise.





Vote picture by Theresa Thompson.  View license here.




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