Mutton Bustin’ Clinging: While You Were Waiting Part 3


It’s rodeo time in San Antonio.

You can visit the grounds and see everything from cows and horses to bull riding and calf roping. Did you know there’s also this thing called mutton busting? Mutton busting is a particular activity in which children ride sheep.

It’s hilarious.

I guess it might not be if your child is on the sheep.  But then again, if you are that parent, you did sign your kid up to ride the sheep. No judgement here, I’m the one laughing 🙂

Clinging to the sheep is the only thing on any child’s mind, I’m sure.  As Christians, the only thing  we should have on our mind during a rough ride is clinging to God’s Word.

Our poor beloved Israelites didn’t have this down.  Rereading Exodus 32:1-5,  you see what the Israelites did have down: not waiting for Moses, forgetting God, creating false gods, and wanting to go back to Egyptian slavery.  Notice it doesn’t mention any promises given to the Israelites.

However, they were given promises in the previous chapters.  Having just freed the Israelites from 400 years of Egyptian slavery, God made it His mission to teach the people how to be His people, holy and set apart.  He gave them rules to live by, including some glorious promises.  Yet, they ran from their waiting room, ignored God’s promises, and clung to false idols.

I’d wager to say that in our trials we all cling to something.  We either cling to something godly or ungodly.  What are you clinging to?

Lesson 3: God’s Word is the only thing worth clinging to.

During this season I’m doing my best to cling to godliness, to God’s promises. I’m not saying I have this down perfectly.  Believe me, I don’t!  But I do know this one thing: when everything else is falling apart, the Word of God remains constant and secure.  Never once has it fallen apart, which makes it our safe haven and our source of strength.

My current cling-tight-to promise is Romans 4:18.

Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed, and so he became the father of many nations, just as it had been said to him, “So shall your offspring be.”

When I’m drowning under the weight of circumstances, I cling to this verse.  When I’m basking in sunshine and the birds are singing, I cling to this verse.  I cling because it gives me courage to believe.

Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed…

Abraham believed he could have a son with Sarah, despite their age and despite their bodys’ ability to conceive a child.  Against all odds, Abraham chose to believe.

Do you realize, Abraham believed while he waited for his son?

He waited 25 years.

Against all the odds, I too can have hope and believe the impossible is possible.  Against all the odds, you can hope and believe also.

Do you need to cling to this promise?  Maybe you need a different promise today?  Maybe you need a couple?

I’ve compiled a list of some not-so-common promises.  They’re not so common because they aren’t the promises you see in memes everyday.  See if one or two jump out at you.  You can even print it out; look for the link below.

Screenshot 2016-02-24 20.38.52

Screenshot 2016-02-24 20.32.56

If you’d like a print out version, click here–>Promises.While You Were Waiting Series

Here’s the best news yet:

God has the power to do what he promises.

While you’re waiting, hold tight to what God has already given you, hold tight to His word.  It may not take your waiting away, but it will give you something true and steadfast to cling to.  After all, the best thing to cling to is His truth.


Want to catch up on the rest of the series?

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Mutton photo by Evil Erin.  See license here.








5 thoughts on “Mutton Bustin’ Clinging: While You Were Waiting Part 3

  1. Wow, the promise scriptures are so good. As I read them, tears just streamed down my face… The healing power of God’s word. Thank you for the hope. Lately I have felt like I have been on a bumpy ride clinging to the sheeps wool! So much better to let go, fall into my Savior’s open arms and rest in His promises…


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