Nothing too fancy today folks.

Just a bug.

Unless you think about how the God of all creation took the time to create this unique bug for a specific purpose.  Just like he took the time to create you, unique and for God-ordained purposes.


This beauty was caught walking across our patio.  My son, M, and I came across this bug unexpectedly as we played outside.   It caught his attention for a mere minute, but captured mine for quite some time.

Come to find out, it’s not a green lady bug.  It is otherwise known as the Western Spotted Cucumber Beetle.  Be careful, they are not a bug you want around your garden!  You can read more about them here.

Here’s to finding praise in unexpected ways this week, my Pic of Praise.  What about you?  Are you up for finding ways to praise Him in unexpected ways?   Share your unexpected moments below and post them on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #PicsOfPraise!


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