My Weekly Wash War

I had to take a picture real quick, before the moment was gone.

20160127_125314 (1)

Sitting in my living room, folding laundry, I caught myself thanking God for being able to wash, fold, and wear clean clothes.  I’m usually not thankful for laundry, nor do I find myself praising Him for the chore, because it is on my to-do list continually.  It never goes off.

I mean, it might go off for a day or two, but not really.  Just about the time I get the laundry put away, because it has been sitting neatly folded in laundry basket for 5 days thrown around my living room in semi-folded piles, it’s time to do it again.

I am a list maker and I love to cross things off my list.  Are you a list maker too?  Anyway, laundry doesn’t really follow the rules of list making and crossing off, so I kinda have issues with it.

But on this day, I found myself at peace with my clean clothing regimen.

You see, lately, things have been tougher and tighter than I’d like.  And when you start going without, you become thankful for what you do have.  Interesting how that works.  Being able to clothe my family is becoming more and more real to me.

And because our God is so patient, desiring what’s best, He is working in me to be thankful for all things…even the things that never make it off my list.  I think He’s made a list of His own, of things to change Kristin’s heart about, and laundry was bound to be crossed off at some point.  At least someone gets to cross it off!

Here’s to having clothes for my family.  Here’s to having the ability to wash them, every week, and have clean clothes to wear.  Here’s to God being patient with me as he molds me into His likeness, my Pic of Praise for the week.

With what is God changing you from ungrateful to grateful?  This week, look for ways to praise him through chores.  Snap a photo and share it in the comments below or post it on Twitter or Instagram with the tag #PicsOfPraise; I’d love to see how God works in you and through your Pics of Praise!



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