If you hadn’t noticed, Saturday has been my day to post my Pic of Praise for the week.  Usually I’ve been ahead of the game and have a pretty good idea of what I’m posting early in the week…

but by Thursday, I had yet to find something to be thankful for in picture format.

To be honest, I hadn’t really found anything for which to be thankful.  I knew I had had things to be thankful for, but I just didn’t feel like looking for them.

Literally, as I was mulling this over in my mind Thursday afternoon, my son waltzed in the living room with ritz crackers and proceeded to make mounds of butter-flavored cracker flakes on my sofa and chair.

Ugh.  Really?

Caught with the evidence in hand.

He didn’t do it intentionally at first.  That’s just the nature of ritz crackers.  But after a while he scraped them against each other, trying to piece together broken crackers.  Once he saw his creation, crumbs everywhere, he delighted in it and continued to make more mounds.

As I watched my son create this mess I realized I had a choice.  I could be thankful for food.  I could be thankful I had a snack to offer him.  I could be thankful these crumbs represented God’s provision.

In that moment, instead of continuing to grumble, I chose gratitude.

Gratitude is a choice.  Sometimes, a really hard choice.  Maybe your choice isn’t ritz crackers.  Maybe your choice involves something much deeper and harder and gut- wrenching.  Are you willing to let go of discontentment and allow praise and thanksgiving to flow instead?

Here’s to food, provision, and a happy toddler.

Thank you Father for your good gifts.



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