This Girl

Do you have any unexpected blessings in your life?  Our oldest, D, is one of mine.

When I married her Dad, I wasn’t sure how things would work.  I was so happy to be a part of her life, but how was I to be stepmom to a girl who already had several important women in her life?  Why would she want another?  Being a stepmom isn’t easy, nor is being a stepdaughter.  Most days I feel like I’m navigating a ship blindfolded, making so many mistakes along the way.  I pray she knows I have been before His throne, asking for wisdom to be a better mother.

I wouldn’t trade it though; it is such an honor to be her in life.  She is an overcomer, having faced too many hardships and obstacles at a young age.  And yet, she’s kindhearted and beautiful.  Did I mention she’s amazing, smart, funny, and artistic too?

Spending time with D is a rare treat as she lives in Minnesota and we live in Texas.  Her Dad and I cherish the times we do have with her.  That’s all about to change though!  D’s Texas bound in 8 months…but I’m not counting or anything.

Here’s this week’s #PicsOfPraise, giving thanks to Him for the awesome woman she is becoming and for allowing me to be a part of it.  I’m so proud of you D!

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What, or who, is an unexpected blessing in your life?  I would wage that many of our blessings are unexpected…because when does life truly go as planned?

Thank you Father for the many reasons we have to praise you.  For it is from your abundance that we receive one gracious blessing after another.




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