Happy Birthday Jesus Lights

Happy Birthday Jesus Lights, that’s what we call them at our house.

These lights, they hold in them the joy of the season.  I love ’em, can’t get enough of ’em.

I’m preferable to white lights, lined up 180º on roof lines.                                The type A coming out in me 🙂

Here’s to Happy Birthday Jesus Lights lighting up the season, my Pic Of Praise for the week. What are #PicsOfPraise?  Check it out here.


By the way, has Jesus lit up your life?  He’s ready and available to light you up whenever your ready.  He will change your life.  He doesn’t promise a care-free life.  Just life full of his faithfulness and grace and loving you too much to leave you alone.  Whatcha gotta do to be lit up by Jesus forever? Confess with you mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart Jesus was raised from the dead.

What’s your pic of praise for the week?


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