Wearied Traveler, Seeking Direction

This is my struggle today and oh-so many days as of late dear friends.

We are at a crossroads, my family.  Someday I hope I can share more details with you and expand upon this season of our lives, but for now…

We are looking and waiting,


waiting for God’s plan and purpose.

We want it so we can follow it, to put it quite simply.  And that seems like the godly, righteous thing to do, right?  To seek his will so we can live it out.  So why have we been waiting on part of this plan for almost a decade?  Tears, fears, and many prayers voiced later and we are still waiting.

Apparently God’s method of just enough light for this step is not enough for me.  And what about you?

Recently I heard someone say,

“If God gave me his plan for my life, I would execute the heck out of it.”

I couldn’t agree more.  I am a task-oriented kinda gal.  Give me a task and I’m on it.

As I mulled over the pros of knowing God’s ultimate plan for my family…wanting to execute it and wishing it into existence…the Spirit whispered, oh-so gently and lovingly, the pitfalls that come from having a life mapped out before me.

Having the master plan comes with strings attached for you and me, just as eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil did for Adam and Eve.

It comes with independence from God.

It comes with no need for faith in a God who’s in control

which isn’t too far from why have a God at all?

God knows our sinful nature.  With his plan in our hands we would only crumble to pieces, all the while falling further from him.  Without knowing the plan, we are called to daily rely on him in dependence.

As much as I struggle to type this {because it means if I’m typing it for you then I, too, need to apply it to my life} you and I are to walk his plan out one step at a time, not knowing what’s beyond.

One of my favorite passages of scripture comes from                                 Psalm 18:30-36

God’s way is perfect.
    All the Lord’s promises prove true.
    He is a shield for all who look to him for protection.
For who is God except the Lord?
    Who but our God is a solid rock?
God arms me with strength,
    and he makes my way perfect.
He makes me as surefooted as a deer,
    enabling me to stand on mountain heights.
He trains my hands for battle;
    he strengthens my arm to draw a bronze bow.
You have given me your shield of victory.
    Your right hand supports me;
    your help has made me great.
You have made a wide path for my feet
    to keep them from slipping.

Did you catch that at the beginning?

Screenshot 2015-11-23 14.42.46

God’s way is perfect! And to top that, all his promises prove true.  When you are tempted to doubt God’s direction…or what seems to be a lack there of…be reminded that his plan for your life is perfect.

God goes on to make our ways perfect, enabling us to stand surefooted on mountain heights.  To climb a mountain is no small task.  We can’t get to the breath-taking views without work along the way.  As we are climbing that mountain, he supports us and creates a wide path so we don’t slip. If our path to the top of the mountain were smooth sailing, we’d have no need to hold his hand along the way.

That is what he is calling me to do today, and tomorrow, and the next day.  Come along side me and join me in this journey.

Oh Father, when we struggle with your purpose for our lives, remind us that your ways are perfect and not a single second of waiting  for you to reveal yourself is ever wasted.




*Road photo credit: i_yudai.  View license here.


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