a voice calling out of darkness

The more I live and breathe in this world the more and more dark it becomes.   Or so it seems…

You read literature or prayers voiced a couple hundred years ago and it too seemed like a dark and lonely world, needing Jesus.

IMG_4142I don’t know how much light I can offer to bring into the darkness ever looming outside, but this is my attempt to try.  God has been luring me to this place for some time now.  I hope and pray that God’s voice, through me, will touch the deepest parts of your soul and encourage you.

To be a voice calling out.

To be light.

To be the sun breaking through an ebony backdrop with hues of coral, crimson, copper, champagne, indigo, and lilac.

Sooooooo…what’s next?  What does this look like, to be a voice calling out?

The blind beggar in Luke 18: 35-43 is one way God has shown me how to do this very thing.

You see, Jesus is making his way to Jerusalem to make the ultimate sacrifice.  You could say he’s on a mission.  But while he’s passing through Jericho, a blind man calls out to him.

                 “When he, the blind man, heard the crowd going by, he asked what was     happening.  They told him, ‘Jesus of Nazareth  is passing by.’  He called out, ‘Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!’ ”  (Italics added)

This isn’t just any ordinary cry.  Right away, the blind beggar sets the tone.  Notice the slight difference in the way he addresses Jesus versus the way the crowd address Jesus.

The crowd identifies Jesus based on his earthly family background and lineage.

The beggar identifies Jesus based on his heavenly family background and lineage.  In other words, he declares Jesus’ deity.

Once the blind man cries out, the crowd immediately rebukes him and tells him to be quiet.  I want to know why...

Is it because the blind man called Jesus the God of the universe?

Is it because he was being a nuisance?

Either way, the blind man, “shouted all the more, Son of David, have mercy on me!”  At his Jesus comes over and gives the beggar eyes to see, saying, “receive your sight, your faith has healed you.”

And what do you think the beggar did?  He followed Jesus, praising him all the more.

This blind beggar refused to be repressed by the crowd surrounding him.

This blind beggar refused to refute Jesus as Lord by those who thought otherwise.

This world is going to get darker before Jesus’ return.  Yet in the midst of it all, God calls us and chooses us to be his light in the darkness.  I don’t always understand why but I guess that’s not the point, huh?

May you too be encouraged by the blind man to be a voice calling out of darkness.


6 thoughts on “a voice calling out of darkness

  1. Your comment that it will only get darker before Jesus returns has been tragically illustrated tonight by the events in Paris. How great our need is in these perilous times to fix our eyes on Jesus Son of David. He provides our ultimate security.


  2. Wow Kristin! Loved reading this. The story of blind Bartemaeus is what inspired me to start blogging…..hence the cry, “I will not stay silent”. Thanks for being a voice in this generation. We need more who will be intentional in this dark world. But God……

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